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Located in northwestern Arizona about an hour west of Flagstaff and outside the community of Seligman, Arizona, the Double O Ranch is a classic spread of more than 200 sections that Seibert Cattle Company has used for both yearling and cow-calf production.

The Double O has decades of history and has had several high profile owners including the Tovrea family who founded stockyards, packing house and restaurant businesses in Phoenix in the early 20th century. The Double O Ranch held a special place in the heart of John Seibert.     

In previous years, the Double O has supported vast numbers of yearling cattle for graze out. Seibert Cattle Company currently uses it as a cow-calf operation. Travelling the far reaches of the ranch extends branding for several weeks in the spring. Dale Tecklenburg manages the Double O.

The Seibert crew takes advantage of early light and the cooler temperatures that morning affords when working cattle. It’s easier on man and beast. Certain inventions like the “Northgate” also help cowboy and calf better endure the branding, tagging and vaccination process.         

Alexis Eldridge is the granddaughter of John and Cecil Seibert. She and her friends from nearby Holbrook are cowgirls who readily take part when it’s time to work the cattle. Alexis spent countless hours with John on the Double O Ranch as she grew up.

The Double O Ranch sits at high elevation above 5000 feet and has excellent water provision through tanks and windmills. The desert grasses extend well and provide good nutrition for the Seibert cattle. Wildlife co-exists with the cattle in a harmonious fashion. Some of the cowboys claim

 they have seen a certain coyote and badger working together in their hunting efforts of prairie dogs and other game.   

Seibert Cattle Company runs cow-calf, feeder and stocker cattle in their operations. Much of their cow-calf herds are Angus and Red Angus based. They will raise an assortment of commercial stocker and feeder cattle at their various ranches including the desert regions of Florence and Congress, Arizona in the southern portion of the state.

John Seibert, Jr. now manages the business end of his dad’s ranch holdings. With numerous cattle of all types and market targets located at several diverse ranches, John Jr. has had a challenging learning curve that he has adjusted to pretty well. Together with Cecil and Carol along with many knowledgeable men and women on the ranch crew, Seibert Cattle Company has a pretty good team. Buzz Williams of 

Superior Livestock has also played a key role in the transition of family leadership.

Superior was an innovative idea that worked. Cattlemen were able to take their stock to auction and expose them to a much larger pool of buyers without having to load them up. Buyers benefited from being able to view thousands of head of cattle over television and purchase truckload lots backed by contract from the convenience of their home or office.

Superior has been and continues to be the company that sells cattle for people to people. One of the prime reasons why Superior has been successful stems from the fact that it was always ran by cattlemen who could identify with their customers firsthand. Superior offers cattle over the Internet through the Superior Country Page. Buyers have enjoyed increasing access to cattle offered on Superior through Internet bidding for live auctions through the “”

Seibert Cattle Company ships cattle that they’ve marketed over Superior Livestock Auction several times a year. Buzz Williams is their Superior representative and is well acquainted with their needs in terms of volume, location and market season. 

John Seibert had always dreamed of ranching and owning a spread from his childhood. He was a successful businessman in construction about the state and had a remarkable ability to initiate and carry out projects in a swift and detail conscious manner. His efforts provided a lot jobs for others, which was important to him.

After a number of years, John’s dreams of ranching was realized. He began to put together land and livestock about the state and did so in an increasing fashion. Those who knew him said he really enjoyed the cattle business. Over time, John Seibert was recognized as one of Arizona’s leading cattlemen.

Outside Dalhart in the Texas Panhandle, Seibert Cattle Company runs cattle on wheat. The operation is a sizeable farming spread with pivots and irrigation. J.D. Nichols manages the Texas ranch.