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The Beefmaster breed was developed on what has become known as the Six Essentials - Weight, Conformation, Milk Production, Fertility, Hardiness and Disposition. These essentials became the economic strength of Beefmasters and have sustained them as a favorite with those who depend on cattle for a living. Beefmasters are the only beef breed specifically developed to excel in these important economic traits. 


In today’s cattle industry where the nation’s cowherd is being rebuilt, Beefmaster cattle remain very relevant.  Their unquestioned longevity, fertility and docility teamed with generations of range proven hardiness make them a solid economic choice. 

Vaughn Family Farm is located in Lawrence County which ranks as the number #1 cow-calf producing county in the state. The country along I-44 in the southwest portion of the state is fescue prairie and literally has cattle in the millions inside of a 100 mile radius of the greater Joplin area. Missouri ranks 2nd nationally in cattle numbers and has numerous producers with cowherds of 40-60 head.   

The Vaughn program has found a significant market for Beefmaster genetics through both purebred and Beefmaster Advancer type seedstock called Beefmaster PLUS for his Missouri customers. The Beefmaster PLUS cattle at the Vaughn operation are derived from Angus and Red Angus matings and are differentiated from the Beefmaster Advancer program by comprehensive culling and data analysis processes. The program has really taken interest among ranchers. 

The Beefmaster female is a pretty remarkable animal. According to Davin, Beefmaster replacement heifers are always in short supply in his country and the surest way to procure a regular supply of these females is buy a Beefmaster bull.

The Vaughn Family Farms purebred Beefmaster herd consists of 200 breeding age females with a large emphasis on embryo transfer. The Beefmaster Plus+ herd uses both Purebred Red and Black Angus genetics on Purebred Beefmaster females. Vaughn Family Farms cattle are known for their conformation, muscling, fertility, breed character, feed efficiency with emphasis on carcass traits.

Vaughn Family Farms created BeefmasterPlus+ in 2007 out of the need for a versatile commercial bull that brings heat, drought, and parasite tolerance, docility, the ability to sire replacement females, increased weaning weights as well as carcass merit and feed efficiency.  To ensure the quality of theBeefmasterPlus+ end product, VFF only uses the very best purebred Red and Black Angus sires on the VFF purebred Beefmaster females. Producing and developing high quality replacement beef females and high performing bulls will remain the focus of our operation. 

Beefmaster donors at Vaughn Family Farm include: Mona Lisa, Pandora, 38/6, Miss CJ, Aphrodite, Amazing Ace, Morgan, VFF Honey Girl and VFF Honeybee. Herdsires include: VFF Objective, 8/2, RR Final Answer, Circle A Foresight and LSF RAB Ultimate and Cain Advancer. A.I. sires include: Red Ryder, Sugar Britches, Maverick, Logan, Vision and Fusion. 

The Beefmaster female is a pretty remarkable animal. According to Davin, Beefmaster replacement heifers are always in short supply in his country and the surest way to procure a regular supply of these females is buy a Beefmaster bull.

The Vaughn program has quite a number of satisfied customers in the Midwest as well as in warm climate states. Lyssy Beefmasters located in south Texas outside the community of Stockdale is very happy with a very promising young sire named Rydin’ Dirty. 
Davin and his Ranch Manager John Long have developed a fine herd at Vaughn Family Farm which is strictly measured and culled using industry standard production indexes and genetic testing. The Vaughn program is very serious about documenting their cattle so that they are sound in every way for their owners. Davin says they don’t call Missouri the “Show Me State” for nothing.  
The Joplin Regional Stockyards is one of the nation’s largest livestock markets and handles upwards of a half million head of cattle each year. Skyler Moore says that Beefmaster influenced cattle from Vaughn Family Farms genetics work well for beef producers in Missouri.


Vaughn Family Farms is one of the most progressive breeding programs in the Beefmaster business. The Vaughn program quickly embraced the 

most popular traditional Beefmaster bloodlines, and then subjected them to the most up to date performance testing available. The goal was to prove these popular pedigreed cattle and provide an abundance of undeniable performance data on them to make them more readily accepted 

across the entire cattle industry. 

The marketing of commercial cattle is the base line for the entire industry. A successful purebred program must be able to merchandise 100% of its product in some fashion. The goal of the Vaughn Family Farms program is to consistently produce cattle with exceptional conformation; moderate frames to better utilize forage, extreme inner thickness for higher yields, and performance that will keep step and surpass other breeds in the highly competitive seedstock industry. 

Davin Vaughn has tailored a Beefmaster and Beefmaster Advancer breeding program to accommodate his customers in the Midwest. He has made selection decisions based on performance data and what his customers prefer in their programs. 

The uniqueness of Tom Lasiter’s ideas on the six essentials of cattle breeding have always been focused on the fundamentals of economic sense. Fertility and favorable disposition are the cornerstone traits of the Beefmaster breed. The docility of the cattle might be its most readily notable characteristic.

Beefmaster cattle have proven through performance and efficiency testing that they excel in both pre- and post-weaning gain and do it more efficiently with less input and less time in a diverse and wide range of environments.    

With nearly 40 years’ experience in breeding Beefmaster cattle, current BBU President Steve Emmons of Fairfield, Texas is a man of practical vision. Steve’s focus is on producing what he calls the GOOD ONE. When you visit the Emmons Ranch, good ones are what you see. 

The herd sire battery and cowherd at Emmons Ranch is rich, established and one of the most storied in the breed. Program sires include: Smooth Cavalier, Bonfire, Headliner, Captain Britches, Johnny Cash, Smooth Connection and Smooth Operator. Program females include: Stylish Jezzy, Amazing Ace, Body by Smooth, Miss Buff, The Duchess, Lady Jane, Miss Sugarbelle and Jezabelle. Steve and Cindy focus on breeding cattle that carry the quality traits as a whole.  

Steve & Cindy Emmons purchased their first registered Beefmasters in 1975. This began a lifelong love of Beefmaster cattle.  The philosophy at Emmons Ranch is to breed Beefmasters that have consistent muscle, that will perform in the pasture and look good doing it. Their major emphasis is on collecting performance data including birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and scan data. 

A.I. and embryo production have been used extensively at Emmons Ranch since 1980.  Steve and Cindy began using ultrasound in 2005. They currently have 2 herd sires in the top 6 trait leaders for Rib eye Area. In 2012, they produced the National Performance Champion Bull. 

Emmons Ranch has produced 5 National Champion Bulls and 2 Reserve National Champion Bulls.  Along with the champion bulls, they have produced 4 Miss Beefmaster America winners and 2 Reserve Miss Beefmaster America winners.  Steve and Cindy have placed several bulls in the top 10 of the prestigious Live Oak Bull Sale and have won numerous other futurities and major livestock shows.  Steve and Cindy, have 3 sons, Bodie, Corey and Clay and 5 grandchildren, all residing in Fairfield, Texas.

In 2008, Emmons Ranch was named BBU Breeder of the Year and Steve is currently Beefmaster Breeders United President.  Cindy is President of the Beefmaster Promotion Group and ex-officio of the Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen. The major markets for Emmons Ranch are to produce seedstock for the purebred breeders, show cattle for JBBA members and bulls for the commercial cattleman. 

EMS Amazing Ace, the 2008 Miss Beefmaster America, is flush mate to the 2008 National Champion Bull, EMS Johnny Cash.  In her first calf crop, EMS Amazing Ace produced the 2009 Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion Bull, Red Ryder, now owned by Rex West, and the 2010 Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion Bull, Bonfire.  She has produced proven donors, Ace of Hearts, owned by Joe Forshage, Amazing Emma, owned by H.G. Griffin and Jerry Ronquille, Amazing Molly, owned by Austin Roebuck and Amazing Rose, owned by William Dismang and Davin Vaughn. EMS Amazing Ace, she is simply amazing! 

Join Emmons Ranch this May 17th for their Production Auction held at the Freestone County Fairgrounds in Fairfield, Texas beginning at 11am Central. Offering includes 60 females and 20 bulls featuring proven donors, donor prospects, 1st calf pairs along with bred and open heifers. Herd sires and prospects will also auction including the 2014 Fort Worth, Houston and National Bull Championship – Grand Champion EMS Firehouse. What an offering it will be. Nolan Ryan Prime Rib Dinner and Social set for Friday at 6:30pm and a JBBA Heifer Show immediately follows the Saturday sale event. Steve and Cindy invite you to come enjoy a great time of fellowship and take part in a superb Beefmaster offering.

Brian Milner is a commercial producer that tried a number of bulls on his predominantly Brangus type cowherd. He settled his bull selection search years ago with a visit to Emmons Ranch. Now, when Brian needs another bull, he simply goes to the Emmons bull pasture and walks through the bulls until he finds the bull that will work for him. 

Beefmaster cattle are a solid foundation to vast numbers of commercial herds across the country. They are utilized for maternal crosses with Angus and Red Angus cattle or used terminally with Charolais and other continental breeds. Beefmaster bulls and females are remarkably versatile. They bring adaptability, structural correctness and reproductive efficiency.